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Occupational Therapy (OT)

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Hi everyone! 🤓

Today is Monday 😉. As usual, today will be our first working day for the week. As I woke up this morning, I checked my desktop then I saw all plans that I have for today! Then I told myself, today will be a busy day! 😊

However, I feel less pressure and more organize when I see the list as it helps me to know my direction for today and what should I focus first to start my day. I feel achievement when I see the list is getting lesser at the end of the day today. 🤗

Then, I remembered our students. How are they go through this remote learning when they are not sure what is happening and what to prepare before they start the e-learning? 🤔

A visual schedule is one of the strategies that we can use for our children at home to help them prepare themselves ahead just like how teachers prepare a timetable at school and parents have a to-do list in phone or diary to keep us on track. 📔

Sometimes, we can also add in auditory input to remind us such as alarm. I usually set the alarm to remind me to drink water, to pray and others because these activities are more consistent in time every day. ⏰

If you need further assistance for your child, do not hesitate to communicate with your OT 😍

Stay safe.❤️

Stay healthy. ❤️



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