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5 Fine Motor Activities To Do At Home!

Hi everyone!

Are you looking for fine motor activities that the kids can do at home? Here are 5 fine motor activities that we can do with our kids at home!

It may look easy but trust me it is not! The kids need to use their fingers and thumb to insert the rubber band around the cup. This activity is good for their hand and fingers strength!

Woah! Another rubber bands and cup activity! Now they need to pull out the rubber band from the cup. The kids also need to figure out how to take out the rubber band this time! Problem-solving skills!

Let's use any item available in the kitchen to train their fine motor skills. I have a kitchen whisk and let's put all the pom-pom balls inside and let the kids take out all the balls. We can also incorporate this activity with matching skills.

Now, let them scoop the pom-pom balls and put them in the bottles. This activity is good for their eye-hand coordination, wrist stability and bilateral coordination!

Our last activity is to insert a ball in the bottle with our hands! Let the kids hold two balls in their hands and insert one ball in the bottle whilst hold another ball by using their ring and little fingers!

I hope this blog will help parents to plan activities for the kids at home during this pandemic!

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