In order to promote awareness among people on special needs and to give support to the parents and also among the Special Need Community, Hatching Center often organize workshops and events. When peoples with the similar problem meet together there is a sense of community. Please stay in connect with us by joining us as 'Hatchier', so that you could get update on latest event and workshop. You are not alone... 

Upcoming Events


Past Events


"Our Voice"- Fundraising Concert 

The first-ever “Our Voice” Concert was a fundraising initiative led by Hatching’s Parents Teachers Association, in collaboration with the very talented PJ Philharmonic Orchestra (PJPO). The culmination of this concert has showcased meaningful voices of Hatching children and musical talents of PJPO in an uplifting performance and inspiring way of spreading the underlying societal message of love, understanding, tolerance, respect and acceptance for children with special needs.


This wonderful evening of musical and symphony event was for a charitable cause in supporting Hatching students in their learning and honing of essential life skills through Project Cafes at our centers.




Sexuality Education - A Reproductive Health & Social Education for Children and Teenagers

In another Hatching series of Free Educational Talks for Hatching Parents, “Sexuality Education - A Reproductive Health & Social Education for Children and Teenagers” Workshop was conducted. This fascinating yet challenging topic was presented by Hatching Group’s Occupational Therapist, Mr Shahrizal Bin Selamat.


In the workshop, key aspects and topic of interests pertaining to the development of sexuality in children and adolescence were discussed including safe touch, relationship circle, body changes and puberty as well as body safety and personal hygiene.




National Day Celebration

For our National Day Celebration in Hatching, our students came dressed in colours of “Jalur Gemilang”. In this meaningful event, our students learned about the freedom and independence gained for Malaysia. Together they expressed their patriotism with shouts of “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! and by raising the Malaysian flags on top of singing the National anthem.




Annual Sport and Family Day

Hatching Group’s exciting Annual Sports and Family Day was back again in Taman Botani Kepong. Our children from Kelana Jaya Center and Cheras Center came together for a fun-filled and family bonding session.

Everyone took part in various interesting tele-match games and fun play-based activities featuring different learning elements and physical skills. After the participation of all activities, the winners were beaming with pride with their well-earned prizes. This was followed by an enjoyable time of picnic with their families.




H&M Shopping Outing & Hatching PROM 

A shopping outing to H&M Paradigm Mall was arranged for our students. As part of the learning outcome, students were taught to identify and differentiate gender appropriate outfits and accessories according to the types of occasion. The purchased outfits were worn for next day’s special event- Hatching PROM.

Our first-ever Hatching PROM was organised involving dance and a pot-luck style spread. Students were all well-dressed and in competition for the title of PROM King and Queen.




Think beyond here-and-now: using stories as the foundation to social interaction and conversation

An insightful workshop conducted by our experienced Speech Therapists- Ms Looi Wei Li and Ms Shervyn Shee on the topic of "Think beyond here-and-now: using stories as the foundation to social interaction and conversation".

Practical and effective strategies were shared in this session particularly on the use of a variety of child-directed language during social interaction and using conversations as stories to improve children's vocabulary and language skills. Parents and teachers were able to explore techniques to set up the children for success at school and home.




Teacher's Day- Global and Local Culture

In appreciation to our awesome teachers in Hatching, our Teacher’s Day themed “Global and Local Culture” brought vibrant celebration of a myriad of cultural diversity, delicacies and fun-learning activities for our students. Teachers and children alike have the opportunities to immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences as part of this unique learning programme in Hatching.




Behavioural Management - is it behavioural or sensory-based?

This workshop essentially aimed to explore the physiological and emotional cause of the underlying behavioural issues and sensory needs related to children with special needs. Presented by our Occupational Therapists and Child Psychologist, the insightful session discussed on how behaviour is affected by sensory inputs and coping techniques to support children to thrive in their learning environment.

It was an invaluable platform for the parents and teachers presenting with opportunities for them to discuss different scenarios and possible triggers. Most importantly, this session enabled them to reframe behaviour together and solve problem areas to help the children with a variety of sensory needs.




OKU Card - "Things You May Not Know”

An informative talk about “OKU Card - Things You May Not Know” organised for Hatching parents to understand about benefits, importance, misconception, impact and process of OKU card. This talk was presented by the representative from Department of Social Welfare, Hulu Langat.

It was a great and beneficial avenue for our parents to obtain the first-hand information about OKU card from the relevant authority. Parents were able to raise and discuss key pertinent questions during the Q&A session. 




Water play and Trampoline Park

This Holiday Programme brought an overload of fun for our students in an outing to The Club’s swimming pool and Trampoline Park. From the guided play of splashing in the pools to the energetic physical activities of jumping and bouncing on the trampolines, it was all fun and full of enjoyment for everyone.  



Batik Workshop

Our Hatchiers made a trip to the Batik Workshop during this Holiday Programme. In the workshop, students were given pre-waxed batik pattern pieces and kits to paint. It was an opportunity to promote learning through exploration. The students were able to show off their artistic and creative flair. All of them were able to bring back their artwork as souvenirs.





National Day Celebration

In conjunction with our National Day Celebration, our students were excited to celebrate this important event to commemorate our country’s Independence Day. Students have the opportunity to learn about the significance of Malaysian flag and the spirit of independence. They were all involved in national themed activity by colouring and decorating the flags for the centers.






It was indeed a long preparation before the Carnival Sales as our Hatchers were involved in all aspects of it.  They were taken to the supermarket to shop for the ingredients and in the process learned about the names of certain food. Our kids certainly have the time of their lives preparing the food.  Looks of intense concentration were written on their faces as they stirred the batter and poured into baking cups. When the big day finally dawned, all of them dressed in Hatching bright yellow T-shirts, took their places behind the counter ready to sell their wares.  A couple of them took the placard and walk in front of the cafe to advertise the event. Cookies, ice-cream, cupcakes, brownies, and other goodies were all sold out.  Here, we want to give a big shout out to Delicious Cafe for availing part of their cafe for us to run our Carnival Sales. Without their generosity, this event would not be a huge success! After a hard day's work, our little hatchers had a good lunch of fish and chips at Delicious Cafe.  All of them went home tired but happy at their achievement.  They were little business people for a while and we were glad to be with them on this journey!

June Holiday Programme- Chilly Winter



We literally bundled up the kids with winter clothings complete with colourful beanies and thick warm gloves for their encounter with Winter.  For this, they were brought to Snowalk at I-City whereby a new world was opened up for them.  They entered the igloo which was completely made of ice and happily posed for their photographs.  Adrenalin was way high as they took their turns on the ice slides.  Not one of them minded that their bottoms were wet from the icy cold sliding.  They enthusiastically ran from one attraction to another.  Never in their wildest dream that they could imagine that it was possible to sit on a snowy white bear. The icing on the cake for them was meeting Spongebob Squarepants and friends right in the middle of Snowalk.  What a treat for all our little hatchers! This is one exhilarating experience that will be frozen in their memories and we are very glad to have played a part in it!

June Holiday Programme- Spring and Autumn



Spring was in the air in Hatching Centre.  Our kids placed blooming flowers of various colours into vases and decorated them all around the center. A wonderful floral scent filled the air. Teachers and kids all put their artistic heads together and created a nostalgic autumn. Trees with few leaves were constructed on the wall and the kids had a real encounter with autumn by trampling on the dried fallen leaves and throwing them up in the air.  They were taught that some animals hibernate during autumn and winter.  They drew animals and put them on as masks. Don't you think they did a marvellous job!! We were so proud of them!

June Holiday Programme- It's Summer Time



It is time for Seasons Exploration and the Hatching kids were first introduced to Summer on the 1st day of the holiday programme. At the PJ Center, they had a fabulous time chomping on cubed watermelon and making tropical juice to ease the thirst of a hot day.  All of them were so excited to try their hand at "barbequing" the marshmallows.  At the Cheras Center, the kids went out on a picnic and ate the delicious food and refreshing drinks that they prepared themselves. Laughter filled the air as the kids frolicked and played with each other in the warm sunlight. They blew balloons made from soapy water, clambered up and down the monkey bars, took turns at the swings and slides. Some chased the pigeons and others watched the little fishes having their own fun in the water. They were taught that in summer, by using the magnifying glass, a small fire can be created. They were indeed sad that this happy day need to end.


2018 Sports and Family Day


It was a sunshine day, where our smiles and laughter are as big as sunshine 🌞 once again thank you for taking part in this event and making it a successful one. As we continue to grow, we stay closer to each other, building stronger bridge to link families together with the school. Thank you all the fellow hatchier for your sweat and effort to make this happened! You guys remain as the strongest team! Two Teams One Family! Thank you FRIM for continuous support, Motherhood, ToysStation, AIA, Party Universe and all the other anonymous for all the prices, the moment the kids got the price, it draw a wide smile on them ! AND of course! The volunteers! Thank you for your help! Happy Sports and Family Day!


2018 March Holiday Program, Day 2 (Petrosains KLCC)


Children are amazed with the wonders of science, both teachers and chilren are blessed with the exciting activites, laughter all the way!


2018 March Holiday Program, Day 1 (Space and Planets)


Teachers and children are having a fabulous time exploring the concept of space and planets. The childrens' are so excited about the hands-on experience. The Bing Bang!


2018 Speech Therapy Workshop for teachers and parents


Teachers and Parents having good time together, to learn simple and useful language stimulation techniques to help promoting children/students' language skills. "Isn't it good to having our children interacting and communicating with us more! 


2017 Year End Concert and Graduation Ceremony


It's the time of the year again! It was a blessing to see the kids growing day by day and getting more and more independent. It was another achievement where some of the students finally get into mainstream study. We were blessed to share this moment with them.


2017Term 4 Let's Rock The House!


Another PRACTICAL & FUN parties!! Our kids make their own furnitures out of the boxes and have fun with them 📦, who needs toys when we can make one 🤘 The kids also get to learn how to spend their hard earn money 💰 wisely, from making goods/cookies/jelly and etc to sell, to sell them at cafes and down the center, to counting money and buy their favorite stuff with their money, we actually earn slightly extra 😜 (I never expect that, was thinking we might need to lost some money 😅, well-done kids!) AND of course!!! All these not only credit to the team, but also #Fest #TedBoy and #Juss who are so generous to sponsor us their venues, and nevertheless our SUPER SUPPORTIVE NEIGHBORS! Thank you for showering us some love ❤! 


We went to IKEA Cheras, which all the kids were so excited about it! Never thought of that right? It was a huge playground for them! We also went to upside down house, and apparently most of the kids mastered UPSIDE DOWN after this trip 😂, Kids also designed their own very unique dress and shirt out of the junk! Thank you, parents, for being supportive to attend our little fashion show at Cheras! We are not any less than any top models ✌️

2017Term 3 Let's Go To The Sea Sea Sea!



Thank you, Dr. Khew for this wonderful trip! We have real fun with Animals Assisted Therapy(AAT). Thank you PD Ostrich Farm for having us there, the owner and the MD of the farm were really friendly and make sure we have the real-time FUN over there! We appreciate it a lot! Thank you Glory Beach Resort for bringing the rare species of Turtle out to the beach to walk with us, it was a wonderful experience! Hopefully we will see these friendly bunch of animals and people again! Love!




Time flies too fast, it's come to our SPORTs and FAMILY Days again.
Thank you FRIM for continually supporting our event.
Thank you all the SPONSORs for the PRIZE
Thank you everyone for making this happened~!!

2017 Term 2 Explore in Neighbourhood



This time holiday program, our kids visited to the United Voice, laundry shop and learned to post their first letter home.
Have you received the love letter?

Besides, the children have a lot of fun at Nickelodeon Lagoon ~



Occupational Workshop 08 April

TITLE: Hidden Secret to Engage Your Child With Disabilities And Special Needs to Learn Exceptionally At Home & In School

Thank you Mr. Sid to share his knowledges and advice with us. We have learned a lot from Mr. Sid. It's a very informative day for both parents and teachers.



2017 Term 1 Let's Go Picnic

It's the time to go out again!!!

Children have fun and learned variety activities such as football, badminton with balloons, bubbles and games during the day~!



Sibling Camp 25 Feb 2017

A great success for our Sibling Camp this year and thanked to Serena Zara for her inspiring sharing and experience with us. 

Being the sibling of special needs is challenging and we have tons of question to ask and waiting for answer. Here we are to share!!

2016 Term 4 Let's Go Travel



During this Christmas season, we are grateful to have students from Lim Kok Wing University to celebrate with us. Children also enjoyed playing in the pool with Hatching "private jet!". 


Outing Day 1: Let's travel with taxi uncle.

Outing Day 2: Thank you AF Jets crew for giving us a good experience.

Outing Day 3: Choo! Choo! We are going to KLCC Aquarium!

2016 Term 3 Holiday Program: It's Festivals Time



It is full of excitement to celebrate the Festivals in this term. Children learned to decorate, singing, visited each other and went to Putrajaya. At Putrajaya, we celebrated Malaysia Day and sang Negaraku song. We also took boat and sightseeing. We had a lot of fun~!

2016 Sports and Family Day



It is our annual Sports and Family Days AGAIN! This event is specially sponsored by FRIM, Swan Foundation and ToyPanic. It was a blissful day to bond together! Special thanks to all the MIGHTY helpers, teachers and therapists, and also our generous sponsors :) We are blessed ^^

2016 Term 2 Holidays Program: Walking Around the World



We are walking around the world in our little humble center~ sushi, anyone? 

Here we off to field trips to Bukit Tinggi French Village and Botanical Garden to experience different weather and culture of winter country!

How to Help Your Child to Talk



A workshop given by Ms Looi Wei Li, a lovely lady, our external Speech Therapist. Ms Looi shared a lot of practical skill on helping the child to talk. We learned a lot from her. A part from sharing her profession, she also gave us a lot of precious advice on handling children with Autism. It was a pleasent moment with her!

2016 March Holidays Program: What is your hobby?



As toward the end of the term, we revised everythinh that we learned through out the term. We found our hobby and interest with a lot of exploration. It was a short yet meaningful journey to kick start 2016!

Sensory Integration Workshop



A very informative workshop conducted by Mr. Shahrizal, an experienced Occupational Therapist and Practioner. As Mr. Shahrizal shared his experiece with us to deal with children who suffered from SID, we also had a wonderful Q and A session with him. Thank you so much for your time!

2015 Year End Concert and Graduation Ceremony



As Hatchiers grow older, they are ready to move to the whole new level! There were total of 5 Hatchiers manage to get in the mainstream primary school to learn and grow together with others children. We are grateful that parents continue placeing trust in us and continue to support us, to work with us as part of the team. We promise to deliver the best to our special one!

2015 Dec Holiday Program (What I Wanna Be?)



2015 Sports and Families Day



It was a FUNTASTIC day! Thank you Desa Park City for sponsoring the sport field for us to held such a meaningful event of Hatching Center. Once again, we have proven to the world: 'WE ARE CAPABLE IN DIFFERENT WAY!'

2015 September Holiday Program (The Money - The Days in Markets)





2015 March Holiday Programme (Diving in The Sea)

In line with our Theme of 2015 Term 1, we brought our classroom from indoor to outdoor. We had a lots of adventures and fun time at KLCC aquarium! The staffs are really helpful and friendly!

2014 Nov.Dec Holiday Programme (Year End Fun Weeks Parties Time)



Celebrating end of 2014 by throwing out a lot of parties with a lots of joys and adventures. Christmas Party, Halloween Party, Pool Party, Sand Party, Picnic, 1 day adventure in Science Center, freezing experience in Ice City and a lots of activities in 2 weeks holiday program! Everyday was fun and full of new things!

Walking Around the Neighbourhood



An adventurous and full of joy Holiday Program for the kids to explore around their neighbourhood and aware of different social setting.

Sports and Families Day


An wonderful day for all the families to gather together, to share loves and supports to each other, also a day for our children to show off!


Social Communication for Special Children



How to do Social Communication with Children with Special Needs. Conducted by Prof. Dr. Eric at UEM Sunrise Chill Out Zone.

We Are Going to The Zoo Zoo Zoo



Our first school outing to Zoo Negara

爱。牵手 Love (Camp)



A half day camp for Children with Special Needs and Mainstream Children to built up social awareness and sense of empathy.



National Autism Awareness Month 2014

Feel the Blue, Be Their Mouth
The purpose of the campaign is to promote awareness among the peoples in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According to the journal published on eJCSIT, the awareness of Autism among Malaysian is still very low. Majority of them do not understand Autism. 
Lack of awareness could lead to under diagnose of Autism! Awareness is very essential for the children to receive appropriate level of interventions and supports. To promote awareness, this campaign will require the peoples to understand the signs of autism, feel them, and talk on their behalf by passing the message around.

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