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Back to School! Stay healthy and active :)

Make time for exercise! There are ways to get active as family and we would like to share some tips with the parents to help kids to maintain active and healthy lifestyle.

Here is recommendation time for toddler, preschool children and teens. For Toddler at least should get 60 minutes active play every day, for preschool kids at least 120 minutes light, moderate and vigorous activities. For Teens, should get at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise to vigorous physical activity most of days of the week.

1. Plan exercise. Make sure your child has a convenient time and choose an activity that is development appropriate with your kids age. For example indoor exercise, push up, sit up, jumping jack, balance on one leg.

2. Provide safe environment and workout clothes. Child’s cloth and place must be suitable, comfortable and appropriate for the exercise.

3. Be a role model. Children will learn better by seeing and hearing, when child see parents enjoying sports and physical activity they will more likely to do so themselves.

4. Do exercise together. Successfully effort often starts with the family. It really bonds families and make the family unit stronger, not just individual part.

5. Prepare fitness equipment to encourage physical activity. Help them learn by demonstrate a movement and how to use equipment in a correct way.

6. Do a five-minute warm-up and cool-down. Start off at a slower pace for warm-up. At the end of exercise, slow down to cool down.

7. Set timing and limit for exercise. Start with plan a sets, repetition and rest intervals. Suggestion timing is min 3 set and 8 times (reps)

8. About exercise. Exercise should include stretching, aerobic exercise and strength exercise. Suggestion stretch timing is 10 minutes per day after 5-10 minutes warm up to prevent injuries.

Do not overdo exercise. Physical activity should not hurt, if it becomes painful should slow down or try less vigorous activity.

Here is suggestions exercise you can try!

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