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Launch of Hatching TIPs Program

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

In the midst of Covid-19, while new social norms were established and all the events that require physical contact has been shifted to virtual platform. Learning and Education is not an exception. In order to ensure education is still accessible to all our children despite of school closure, Hatching Center is launching TIPs program with the aim of creating an online learning platform for parents and professionals.

TIPs stands for Teaching/Therapy Ideas for Parents and Professionals. We believe that parents can be the best facilitator for your child’s development with sufficient coaching from professionals. Parents, you are never less than a therapist/educator. We are playing different role but having same direction, ie to help our children to improve holistically in their development.

A video of teaching/therapy ideas will be shared via our Hatching Center’s YouTube Channel on every Saturday. We are working on 3 video series at the moment, ie:

1. Social Playgroup Games Series

2. Therapy Goals Series

3. Free Talk Series

Children learn best through play and routines especially when it is fun. In this challenging and difficult time, let‘s be creative and hand-in-hand we walk through this hard time together. Even after the worst storm, the sun will shine again. We will win the battle together.

Subscribe Hatching Center‘s YouTube Channel at the link below:

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