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Physiotherapy for Children with Motor Control Disabilities (Autism spectrum disorder)

The development delays might affect the children’s gross motor and fine motor skills. Physiotherapy goals to gather information from parents, child psychologist, occupational therapist, and another multidiscipline team. The physiotherapy goals are to take care of their motor impairments in the body.

· Respiratory control,

· Coordination level

· Improvement in posture,

· Addressing misalignment in the musculoskeletal system include chest wall deformities as well foot and ankle

Children with ASD may show their difficulties in motor skills and movement. Many of these coordination problems when combined with communication, social skills and behavioral problem can lead to be more complex learning difficulties such as sporting skills.

Motor skills is foundation for sport specific skills are predictive of physical activity and linked to cognitive outcome. It's important for kids to perform basic motor skills such as locomotor (running and jumping), balance (stand on one leg), object control (catching, throwing and kicking). For child that have poor motor skills physiotherapist will give treatment to stimulate the learning function motor skills or to help the child to compensate for motor skills disturbances.

Physiotherapy treatments to Children with ASD are important to improve their motor related difficulties they encounter during developmental stage. The treatments had been successful in improving and decreasing the severity level of their weak muscle control which result in many other consequences when they grow up. The children will be more confident and comfortable of their bodies when they perform physical activities.

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