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How to improve children’s flexibility and waiting skills?

Introduction & The importance of waiting skills

The importance of being patient and waiting is a crucial life skill. Our daily life is filled with situations that we need to wait for. For example, waiting for the food to be served, waiting for your turn in games or waiting in line for the toilet. It can be really tough for any parents to go about their daily routines when children have the difficulties to wait for the things they want. Hence, being able to wait is a necessary life skill for any child to learn.

Strategies to teach waiting skills

Why do we need visual aids and positive reinforcement?

  1. Timer - to set and show the time that the kid need to wait

  2. ‘Waiting’ sign - to remind the kid to wait

  3. ‘First’ and ‘Then’ card - allow the child to know what will happen next

  4. Positive reinforcement - to motivate and encourage the good behavior

Activities to teach waiting skills

Try the following activities to help children to practice flexibility in waiting:

  • Pop the bubbles

  • Music ball game

‘Pop the bubbles’ game

‘Music Ball’ game

Watch the full activities here!

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