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How to improve turn taking skills in play?

Importance of turn taking

Turn-taking is not a natural skill imprint in children and yet turn taking is another most crucial life skill that need to develop in our daily life. Turn taking skills can be applied during a group game and this would help children to tolerate waiting time while waiting for their turn. When children learn to take turn, they learn to develop two-way communication effectively and also to improve social interactions with peers. Apart from that, turn taking also helps children to be more aware of their peers and surrounding. One of the ways to develop turn taking skills is to create a visual aid board for children so that they are aware of their turn and their peers’ turn during play. For children who are able to wait for their turn, parents/teachers can use verbal prompt to indicate their turn.

Activities suggested that involve turn taking

Try following the activities below to help children to practice turn taking skill:

  • Sliding Marble Game

  • Pop-up pirate game

In these games, the goals targeted are:

1. To establish shared engagement in play

2. To improve turn taking skills

3. To improve requesting skills

4. To increase waiting skills

Game 1: Sliding Marble Game

Game 2: Pop-up Pirate Game

Have fun!

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