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Importance of Shoulder Stability

Muscle Strengthening

Shoulder stability: Why is important to your child?

Shoulder stability is an important in postural control, fine motor skills development for children for learning in writing, coloring and self-help skill. Good hand function required stability around the shoulder girdle and it will help good fixation at the elbow and wrist, which allow for the very refined movement at the finger. A child’s upper body strength and fine motor skills are inherently liked to their posture and postural support, finding optimal positioning for child will lead to improvement in hand strength.

What is shoulder stability?

Shoulder stability refers to ability to contract the muscle and maintain proper shoulder joint position during movement. If core is stable, movement in joint further from core are better. Stability at the shoulder muscle is a component for coordination, postural control and fine motor development.

What is the symptom if child have shoulder instability and poorly control movement?

When a child has shoulder instability can be result of abnormal muscle tone, weakness of shoulder or trunk muscle, the sensory difficulties associated with learning disabilities. Children rates of motor development different for motor learning experience.

Some children with shoulder instability slightly will have difficulty to hold their arm steady at the shoulder against pushing or pulling pressure especially when direction change rapidly or to control in accurate motion and grade.

Shoulder instability also causing trouble in activities that need to use large movements of the arms when unsupported in space. They will hold their arms stabilized against table or trunk slightly forward when using their hands and fingers. Shaky and poorly controlled.

Benefits of strengthening exercise for shoulder stability

· To receive extra assistance to improve shoulder stability and control.

· Activity that apply pressure to shoulder joint or require stabilization such as wheelbarrow, forward gym ball, plank and animal walk are beneficial for child’s.

· Activities that free supported such as seat on gym ball, tall knee activity will improve shoulder control.

4 exercise to improve shoulder stability and balance

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