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My Splendid Experience with Them

In my first year of music teaching with children with special needs, I have learned and gain the opportunity to work one to one with them. I always believe that all children like music because they have be in touch with music since young age. Music becomes essential in many areas in child developments and skills that include language, coordination and attention. Comprehensively, every student has different ability and understanding. They learn, play and practice in the music class have become greater challenge to these children with special needs. Not to mention, they even show the ability to perform on stage.

Each individual children have been given the opportunity to play and this will set as one of the goals to achieve by them. Some of them give good responses and some just need to give extra time and support on their development.

Knowing the effort that I have put in can be extreme tired but by looking at the continuous improvement of these children, it definitely pay off. The children improvement and their talent to perform on stage have given me the power to keep up and my motivation to teach.

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