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I really enjoy working as PT with amazing moms and dads here at Hatching. There is one thing I’ve found out they almost all have in common, they never give up! Every day they will be looking forward to trying new things and participating in new activities. I’m going to say out loud “YOU ARE DOING A REALLY GOOD JOB!”

Many parents concern about what exercise can do at home. What’s more difficult is to be figuring out what activities suitable and concern about if don’t have enough equipment. Here is some exercise you can do with your kids that you'll enjoy.

The simplest exercise you can do is use your own body. Body weight exercise, it can help to build strength, endurance and keeps body move!


1. Choose the length of each exercise —start with 10-30 seconds or 8-16 reps, and slowly increase after a week 60-90 seconds or 20 or more reps.

2. Set some music for relaxation doing yoga – Start with warm up


(No equipment needed – Each exercise count for 20 second)

This pandemic changed sudden routine in daily life for parents and children. Schools migrated do e-learning and that is particularly challenging for children and their parents. On the bright side, this current situation make us learn a lot and can implement in daily living and also modify activities/exercise at home. We will continue our support to parents. YOU GOT THIS!

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