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Why is Imitation skill important?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Why is Imitation skill important?


Imitation skill is the ability to copy actions (eg: banging drum or pushing a car), gestures and movements (eg : clapping hands or waving) , sounds or words etc. Such skill is crucial for learning and skill development as children typically learn by watching their parents or people from their surrounding environment.

Most children learn to imitate naturally since they were born. However, this is not the case for children with disabilities as it does not come naturally to them. Hence, it is essential to teach imitation skills to children with disabilities in order to enhance their learning abilities and skill development.

3 Ways to promote imitation skill 1. Gesture and movement Imitation through Imitation game.

We can encourage the concept of imitation to the kids in a fun way, and they will need to learn to observe what their friends are doing in order to imitate and to know what to do next.

2. Meaningful Sound imitation during play to develop basic language foundation

During their play time, parents/ teachers can join in the fun and facilitate the play while making meaningful play sounds and have the child to follow. This will further encourage them to produce more sounds and words in the future.

3. Use a mirror to teach facial and emotional expressions imitation skills.

Use facial expressions and movements such as puffing your cheeks or sending a kiss then ask your child to do it. When he tries to imitate you, give him a mirror to watch himself making the facial expression. Point at the mirror and say: “ Look! You are doing it! Great job!”.

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